Get Go Inc.


The Get Go Inc (GGI) celebrates over 10 years in business providing Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and “Green” technology outdoor, area / street lighting solutions.

From customer service, turnkey installations and preventative maintenance, service & support is their number one priority.

Their staff is industry trained & certified with decades of application experience to help select the right products and services to meet your specific requirements.

GGI offers a variety of RWIS products such as:

  • Weather and Road Sensors manufactured by Lufft.
  • Harsh Environment Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) products manufactured by TechPower Developments Inc.
  • RWIS towers manufactured by Approach Navigation Systems Inc.
  • Internet based, outdoor cameras.

GGI also offers Solar Powered Street-Scape lighting for use at locations were providing power is impractical or at locations where “Green” technology products are simply preferred.

They continue to grow their product line to meet the changing needs of each customer. It would be their pleasure to service you.

Visit The Get Go Inc (GGI) website.